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reload, if the code cannot be seen
david m
david m Today, 04:03
cannot use wallet with this
Decebal Claudiu Costea
Decebal Claudiu Costea 15 April 2019 09:22
To download and install:
Thomas Rex
Thomas Rex 26 March 2019 10:11
honeyminer is a fraud miner he never give shown btc as per graphic card
Reka e eperme fsh Va
Reka e eperme fsh Va 24 March 2019 19:35
camaxide 6 March 2019 00:16
I looked for alternatives last week and ended up trying Honeyminer and Cudo Miner from looking at loads of reviews. I liked Cudo Miner the most and really recommend it. It is rather new and gives excellent support over facebook and discord. It still gives early adopters 5000 Satoshis for free, and if you use this link: you will net another 10000 satoshis for free as well. 15000 satoshis isn't a lot of money, but it still gets you something for starts, and worth picking up as it's there :)
dj extreme970
dj extreme970 30 December 2018 16:30
not bad at all
Dave Vermeulen
Dave Vermeulen 13 December 2018 12:30
Hi Brandon what is the minimum payout threshold for Nicehash Mininner 2018? to external wallet?
玩靈 19 November 2018 10:56
Download honeyminer :
Stefan Wolf
Stefan Wolf 27 October 2018 09:22
Chip Dog
Chip Dog 9 October 2018 01:13
the fee goes up and down... the lowest i found and what i wait for is 500 satoshis. The highest fee i've seen is 2,500 satoshis.
Lim Soeng
Lim Soeng 7 October 2018 12:00
steel coin
steel coin 1 October 2018 07:23
Heres an easy and fun way to earn btc for free     Https://
TheBig Nig
TheBig Nig 1 October 2018 05:31
fucking trash
el3ctrogamer 25 September 2018 19:35
omg my pc gets 430k satoshi per day lolololl
Azerione R
Azerione R 27 August 2018 07:49
Hi Brandon why I cannot make it work for GTX 1080Ti any idea?
Followers of Yahweh/
Followers of Yahweh/ 26 August 2018 21:44
Followers of Yahweh/
Followers of Yahweh/ 26 August 2018 21:31
Brandon are you having the samething? I downloaded honeyminer and I have a 1070 and a 1080TI on when I start honeyminer up even after 10minutes it says I am making $1090 a day. I do noticed if i have my MSI afterburner running I noticed in that it shows 1 card running then after a while the second starts up then after a while honeyminer says $550 a day then it jumps to $500+ for each card a day so then it is shows both total making $1100.
GhostlyX 26 August 2018 04:18
Honeyminer makes mining and earning money simple for anyone with a computer.Signup at
Wilson Adames
Wilson Adames 23 August 2018 08:02
Brandon Coin!!! Where is the follow up video to this?!?! You promised weeks ago!!!
Alexander Chistohin
Alexander Chistohin 22 August 2018 21:13
it is simple
duru duru
duru duru 18 August 2018 11:43
i think is good. If you want here is my referral
bitcoin miner
bitcoin miner 16 August 2018 18:37
+1 ref
Greatest Cuts
Greatest Cuts 14 August 2018 14:49
Talk about true legit? go for this one!
Naitik Haiking
Naitik Haiking 12 August 2018 06:36
I have done with your referral link check your referral balance 😎
PC Gamex
PC Gamex 11 August 2018 19:11
Haha how can you still be here brandon. Mining has rip!
william newby
william newby 10 August 2018 01:41
jignesh parmar
jignesh parmar 9 August 2018 08:03
what to do if "Honeyminer is not able to restart HoneMiner_X.exe due to an unknow error" is coming ???advice pls
alex walter
alex walter 7 August 2018 15:10
Anybody notice it pulling less current than nicehash?
bgemologist 6 August 2018 19:45
The fees Suck......
Ramon Pagan
Ramon Pagan 6 August 2018 08:33
So, I gave this honeyminer a try. I setup a rig with 3 rx570s and the system said that I was going to make $2.58 / day, well, this is the biggest ripoff ever, after 30 hours of mining all I had accumulated was the big sum of $0.90, so much for a Nicehash alternative.I do not recommend this miner even if there is nothing else, it is a waste of time and electricity. Winminer is much better than this POS.
2topaz2 6 August 2018 07:30
Honeyminer is sweet free & easy get your free start up 1000 Sats here
CheapSushi 5 August 2018 10:44
The only thing I don't like about Honeyminer is that they don't let you install it where you want. It's the same issue with the new Nice Hash 2. It's SUPER simple which is the benefit but it's like too simple.
Kushal Singh
Kushal Singh 5 August 2018 07:57
What's your system configuration???
Rob Clay
Rob Clay 4 August 2018 02:56
Hi Brandon Great video,I have been a user of Minergates GUI miner and it has pretty much been trouble free however,they have gone to freewallet only for withdrawals i consider that a scam wallet because many people have had many issues with it.due to that fact i was looking for a easy miner with easy setup and fast use.Honeyminer does a great job at that. Nice interface,actually for non bios modded cards it pays better than minergate..seriously.Been with minergate over a year and have now switched over and so far very happy.Most importantly i can send the funds to any wallet address i have..... Minergate no go.tried to sign up for freewallet and only get errors so i cannot withdrawal my mining funds from minergate yet.Your video was right on time .I can and do use console miners also but for a super easy gui Honey miner is pretty sweet so far. New people wanting to mine very easily Honeyminer is do people a good service and seem quite level headed BrandonCheers to you!***ps temps a bit warmer on gpu`s ...using AMD RX 58O`S Radeon drivers windows obviouslyTake care,thanks for your contribution to helping others
Ryan Loaiza
Ryan Loaiza 3 August 2018 22:22
I'm happy you made this video. Ive been wanting to get into mining but didn't know where to start. The gtx 970 is getting ~20.7 MH/s. Next Ill overclock it and see what happens. Thanks!
BlazinBob Childress
BlazinBob Childress 3 August 2018 16:30
So what's the monero hashrate when your not recording, I seen it said like 83ish while your using it.
Can't stop laughing
Can't stop laughing 3 August 2018 16:09
Very nice.I mine with a laptop 950m gpu,getting 1 dollar per day in stats,just started mining.It is 64 degrees on laptop too hot?
Nicky Ho
Nicky Ho 3 August 2018 11:45
+1 referral
Josh Michelle
Josh Michelle 3 August 2018 07:55
When I used it last week it was 500 for the fee
Chris Kris
Chris Kris 3 August 2018 03:50
My findings after using HM for a few minutes. First, with my RX580, I noticed I was only getting 29Mh instead of my normal 32Mh on Eth. Second, with my 1050TI, I got my normal 14Mh on Eth but on NH I was earning more on x16r. So it would seem HM only supports Eth & xmr. Lastly, on the positive side, it seems that HM doesn't put much of a burden on the system, so cpu or gpu doesn't get too hot or work too hard. I still need to test more to verify, so please don't take my findings as written in stone. Peace :)
Mark Seveland
Mark Seveland 3 August 2018 02:25
+1 Referal. Giving it a try.
Daniel Cândido
Daniel Cândido 3 August 2018 01:10
my program not open =/..why?
Jason White
Jason White 2 August 2018 21:15
I use this and it's ok. Had a lot of trouble with AVG and Windows firewall. The averages are pretty inflated but it does pretty well with my AMD 580. My gtx 1080 didn't do well. I did pull over to Coinbase and it went through just fine.
ITFLPRO 2 August 2018 20:09
Hi! I ordered myself a miner on the site! the goods received, everything is cool!
Liber 8
Liber 8 2 August 2018 18:32
Looks interesting, I'll have a little play around with this at the weekend.
James Pratt
James Pratt 2 August 2018 15:04
Good, different video bc. This is an interesting alternative to nh. Probably not for me, but a great entry type miner. Not to mention, the more competition for nicehash, the better.
cryptocurrency enthusiastic
cryptocurrency enthusiastic 2 August 2018 08:09
"Honeyminer" i'm gonna give it a shot thanks bro.
iamsharils 2 August 2018 03:58
There is no referral link
John Harris
John Harris 2 August 2018 03:45
Hi Brandon, Who does the Gpu Optimization for the hash power Your setup and does Honey Miner decide the core and memory, power settings ??
Manrique Daniel Mar Perez
Manrique Daniel Mar Perez 2 August 2018 03:38
"We want to mine... all the time" ;)