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DustyBC 24 April 2018 02:12
Did you guys join the discord?
Mike B
Mike B 6 May 2018 07:21
Best return over the next month is Bitcoin Gold (BTG). Why? It never popped, after coming out after bitcoin cash, it missed its 1st pump. Remember bitcoin cash first pumped to almost 2k, compare the charts and see for yourself. BTG just got hit by the market downturn, and has never yet popped even once. It was beaten down to$39 and has the same number of coins as BCH, so it will rocket. Just wait till it PUMPS!!! Its a legit Bitcoin and is likely the best value in the short run.
idris suleiman
idris suleiman 5 May 2018 16:05
please someone should help me with sum BCH bitcoincash qrah5ftzqtzzzsr28jgu9gxqlg9enwxmpynrhc3lp4 thanks
Pato 3 May 2018 07:38
As I write this BCH stands at $1502 USD
Salty 28 April 2018 15:30
Everyone who bought BTC or BCH when you bought felt the pain because they both tanked
Salty 28 April 2018 15:24
Thank you !!!!!!!!!!
Movies Clips
Movies Clips 26 April 2018 12:33
I think crypto is our future currency and please share your opinionBTC: 12GqNrn2WugRFFV6qTUNKKiMBXYQuJGb86
Qhute Teo III
Qhute Teo III 26 April 2018 01:08
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bornnemisis 25 April 2018 19:45
Bitcoin Cash is the one true bitcoin and the only real crypto currency.Sorry if the truth hurts.
Daniele Sbordone
Daniele Sbordone 25 April 2018 12:53
Bitcoin Crash is a good name.
Best Mentalism
Best Mentalism 24 April 2018 18:30
because BitcoinCash is the better Bitcoin.
-ED- Bitcoin SV Channel
-ED- Bitcoin SV Channel 24 April 2018 10:55
Bcash is derogatory propaganda label and an attempt to disassociate Bitcoin Cash from the Bitcoin name.So, unless you want to deliberately provoke and use this label, you should not be using it.Most people don't understand the difference between Bitcoin, Bitcoin BTC and Bitcoin Cash BCH.Bitcoin is name of the system, it is defined in the Bitcoin white paper, and is a system intended to be used as Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.Bitcoin BTC is the blockchain that was created using this Bitcoin system, of course, the name of the blockchain got the same name, and the unit of trade, unit of Bitcoin money, is also called bitcoin (just with small b).Bitcoin Cash BCh is also a blockchain that was created using Bitcoin system also.The difference between BTC and BCH, is that even though they are both originating from same Bitcoin original block and the system, the BTC blockchain is controlled by people who are funded by bankers (which means they are working for them), and the BTC blockchain is artificially limited by 1MB block limit.People that control the BTC code are Bitcoin Core, who are employees of Bclockstream, which is a corporation created few years after Bitcoin system was created, and this corporation is funded by bankers. These people do not want to use this Bitcoin system, they want everyone to use the Lighting network, which is a completely different system, which works nothing like a Bitcoin system.Lightning is advertised by these people, as scaling to Bitcoin BTC, but this is actually false advertising, because it is not possible to use Bitcoin (the system) in Lightning (this other system).Bitcoin Cash is created out of necessity, because people who are funded by bankers, took control of the code and did not allow for scaling on Bitcoin system (which is also referred to as on-chain scaling). Bitcoin Cash BCH is a blockchain, that unlike Bitcoin BTC blockchain, is embracing the Bitcoin system... so by any logic BTC can no longer be referred to as the Bitcoin system, because BTC is artifitially limited in usage, and this is not by mistake, this is deliberate sabotage of the Bitcoin system in BTC... the bankers thought they can pay few people few tens of billions of dollars, to come up with propaganda against Bitcoin scaling on-chain, to prevents increase in its adoption, because they are the ones that have to lose from this, as Bitcoin system is fighting against their monopoly Fiat system.This needs to be explainted to everyone that is already or is intending to get involved in either BTC or BCH (meaning convert their fiat into BTC or BCH) so that they are fully aware what they are getting themselves into, and that they know what type of system they are converting their funds into.If someone converts their fiat into BTC thinking that it is the real Bitcoin system, they will have made a mistake... the real usable Bitcoin system is Bitcoin Cash BCH.This needs to be crystal clear so that propaganda narrated by bankers / Blockstream / Bitcoin Core and their advocates, doesn't work and people are not sucked in into banker's system, which is the Lightning network.
sumit Gurung
sumit Gurung 24 April 2018 09:21
Mayb i could hit.. igues
Preda Cristi
Preda Cristi 24 April 2018 09:05
thx for the update1AaeCVyfWQXSPwuASXu5UrVHeHbvnfgZK2
7gweller 24 April 2018 08:37
Joe Norton
Joe Norton 24 April 2018 08:13
Dump at 2100
jim jones
jim jones 24 April 2018 07:50
Hodl boys Bitcoin Cash is moving
David Bermudez
David Bermudez 24 April 2018 03:41
BCH will dump
bouchy85 24 April 2018 03:38
It also has a analog payment system which big investors are liking. My financial advisors told me to buy at $600 and sell at $9k.
IHand Ls
IHand Ls 24 April 2018 03:33
Vin Pedro
Vin Pedro 24 April 2018 02:51
Daniel 24 April 2018 02:44
Thanks for the update man
Jan De bouwman
Jan De bouwman 24 April 2018 02:41
Nice content bro!
jaytiquano 24 April 2018 02:40
I like bitcoin cash :)
powertoachieve 24 April 2018 02:37
What the hell? Did i said😲 Before the bull run, Bitcoin cash will start to rise high and the altcoins will go ballistic this summer has my reputable psychic predicted😐
Neville Robertson
Neville Robertson 24 April 2018 02:36
How hard it dumps will be interesting.
LINUX 80DZ 24 April 2018 02:22
yes and i get some profit with the free signals .i think the bcc is just a pump dump as everytime did1BscgVBgQX4JbYkvgheE6jTjH1ZrC5uxMA