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Dave T
Dave T 6 November 2017 13:31
I had said a kind of smart comment in one of your other video's as a smart joke for the whole bitpetite drama. But seeing you try to turn something negative into something positive is amazing to see plus trying 10% refund! I now have a lot of respect for you.
Rawpride 5 November 2017 16:22
snippy this is getting pathetic
Some Alaska Guy
Some Alaska Guy 5 November 2017 14:39
I agree with everything you said in this video. I stay in my lane. No disrespect.However, when it comes #BitConnect I don't believe this company to be a HYIP.HYIPs have been around LONG BEFORE bitcoin came around but there IS a difference between BitConnect and all of the HYIP scams people in this space are getting themselves into.BitConnect is a company BUILT on a BLOCKCHAIN that has attached itself to the hip of bitcoin.BitConnect is NOT a HYIP it SEEMS very similar to HYIPs but ONLY in perception.The nature and characteristics of daily earnings (sometimes none to very little earnings) gives it the FEEL that those HYIPs give you but BitConnect is COMPLETELY different than those programs.Nobody can say for sure if BitConnect will fail or not nevertheless, it IS a BLOCKCHAIN, which has taken its fair share of abuse and ridicule in this market being called a scam blockchain coin...then again, the bankers are still calling BITCOIN a scam too aren't they?BitConnect can be mined (proof of work - hardware mined) and staked (proof of stake) you can make money by holding (HODLing) the coin itself, you can make money by trading it against BitCoin YOURSELF or, you can LOAN THE COIN to their trading algorithm software to do the old trick for you and collect revenue from the coin in that way.Coin Market Cap just slapped it down BCC's market cap (BitConnect) as it was getting ready to pass DASH up in rankings passed the $2 BILLION mark.It's OK the world will later come to understand what the titans of the BitConnect community already understand.You deal with Clif High's web bot. It should be predicting BitConnect to be part of the family of coins that will reach the $1,000 per coin mark next to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash possibly in the very near future.You may think it to be outlandish but you wait to see what BitConnect does in 2018.Did somebody say BitConnect debit card coming on Dec 1st of 2017?The biggest holders and users of the BitConnect token are not in the U.S. they are Asians which also constitute the world's largest pool of gold buyers. There's an interesting correlation.Bitcoin don't care. BitConnect don't care. The Silk Road and the BRICS nations don't either.What do I mean? The future of currency doesn't seem to belong to the dollar right now. From the way it's looking, the future of currency belongs to crypto.The MAJORITY of holders and users of the BitConnect token DO NOT CARE what EVERYONE ELSE is talking about when it comes to this particular blockchain because it has proven itself thus far and we understand that just like bitcoin has made the savings and checking accounts irrelevant, BitConnect also has the potential to help make things like the 401K irrelevant. But that's not all. If the future belongs to crypto, then I would think the main holders of gold (Asians) also see a future where gold is measured in bitcoin pricing NOT in a dollar price point.It doesn't matter what the DOLLAR price of gold is today because tomorrow gold will be priced in bitcoin.It doesn't matter what the DOLLAR price of BCC (BitConnect) is today because it will be priced in BITCOIN tomorrow anyways.If you understand that the dollar will disappear as the (WORLD RESERVE) measure or (price point) standard of finance ITSELF, then you should also note HOW technology like bitcoin and BitConnect (BCC) WILL ALSO change and revolutionize finance TOGETHER - ALTOGETHER.There is a paradigm shift happening in finance between the dancing and coupling of BTC and BCC that some should maybe consider.My humble opinion for safety, people should stay away from HYIPs if they are not wealthy enough to blow money like...(insert metaphor here) and stick to ONLY dealing with mining, staking and hodling coins (blockchains) who's vision they believe in.Also, I don't want a blockchain with only a promise. I want a blockchain with a product, service, function, PROTOCOL, that kicks the old way of doing business's ASS.Just my opinion. But you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT about everything else in this video brother.
Jeremy Ng
Jeremy Ng 5 November 2017 12:43
The moment you fallen for something bad. You just landed on negativity. Learn from it and move on with smarter moves.
Super1TruthSeeker 5 November 2017 07:16
Bitcoin is a scam too. Do not invest anymore than what you are willing to lose.
esp1239 5 November 2017 05:59
By the way I just received this link from Peggy. She thought I should talk to you. I will be looking forward to your response to do a live interview so we can set the facts straight.
esp1239 5 November 2017 05:57
Joe if you would like to talk or even have a live video about the My7 Network I would love to do an interview! You seem to call everything you see a scam and a ponzi but you don't know a thing about the Platform, people or management behind the program. I will be waiting on your response to make a public video with you and I and we will see what your followers think. If half of what you say is true then the truth will set your free. Be real news, not fake news. Thank You.
VUF Berlick
VUF Berlick 5 November 2017 05:54
Yes, yes, yes, yes. Doesn’t matter though, the 3 letter Agencies are selling. I’m still keeping my Linux OS'S for trading, also meaning I would never use Window or Apple systems for trading...
Davey Jones
Davey Jones 5 November 2017 05:27
A good rule to go by is, "Can you communicate with the operators".If not, stay the hell away. Also, do they promise an unrealistic return?Stay away!
BorderGuards 5 November 2017 04:40
Zachary Bauer
Zachary Bauer 5 November 2017 04:00
Bitconnect is not a hyip. They have a blockchain token. They also use a trading bot that sells the highs and shorts the low like every wall street bank does.
Padd 5 November 2017 03:51
If it sounds too good to be true it most likely is too good to be true.
PMDownUp 5 November 2017 03:49
Bitconnect seems very very legit. Can anyone say otherwise??
Duane Albright
Duane Albright 5 November 2017 03:26
Joe is a good hearted guy and would never intentionally cause harm or loss to anyone. Good grief people
Scott Govoni
Scott Govoni 5 November 2017 03:16
If you want a legit loan coin, look at REQ - Request.Network, KNC - Kyber Network or UTRUST.
truth serum
truth serum 5 November 2017 02:38
good luck gmail always on and you need two factor authentication..
Crypto Queen
Crypto Queen 5 November 2017 02:10
Thanks, Joe!! Very helpful! Also, MEW sent out a tweet a while back to remove your phone number from the Authenticator app- also to prevent hacks and access to email
lnsk 5 November 2017 02:06
So now that Joe has given a heads-up on how to protect yourself, who is going to come out in mass to give him praise? Funny how the haters massively flood his comment section when things go bad..let's see how they massively flood this thread with THANKS! Thank you Jsnip for this warning! I do believe many more scams are on the horizon and I predict you will always find the time to alert your followers, as you find them yourself.
Darrell 5 November 2017 02:03
wow 90% trolls atm
chrisiden 5 November 2017 02:03
b smart buy and hold ONLY Bitcoin!
CanesFan65 5 November 2017 01:53
NEVER NEVER use the same password. Use 1PASSWORD software or something similar and ALWAYS create new strong passwords.
Trew Skye
Trew Skye 5 November 2017 01:53
also good reason to set up the 2 step auth on other exchanges
Trew Skye
Trew Skye 5 November 2017 01:52
Ooh, good point sir!
:Robert-Francis : Sullivan.
:Robert-Francis : Sullivan. 5 November 2017 01:48
“This too shall pass”(and you’re dealing with inevitable Karma like a champ ..! 👍🏼)
pappos3 5 November 2017 01:48
Dina Carrabba
Dina Carrabba 5 November 2017 01:46
For information about My7Network contact . We are a great company!
Charg Coin - WeCharg - CHG Coin
Charg Coin - WeCharg - CHG Coin 5 November 2017 01:43
Jsnip4, I've sent so many e-mails now I just don't feel like you're there. Hope to hear from you, just to talk,
Samantha Jane
Samantha Jane 5 November 2017 01:41
Great tip, Jsnip4! I have quite a few accounts using my gmail but have never used the password for my email as the password for their website. I bought in on the 30% Electroneum ICO (is bouncing around five cents, only on the exchange three days and just listed on Cryptopia, so heads up I am keeping this coin!) and the CEO is having everyone change their password and has told everyone that even though they haven't been hacked, they have seen other successful ICO launches hacked. The people who used the same password for both the site and their email had their tokens/coins stolen. So, your advice is proper and timely because the CEO of Electroneum is following your lead.
DRUMPLAY 5 November 2017 01:37
didn’t use the same email or password for bitpetite or ethconnect
Greg K
Greg K 5 November 2017 01:19
Thanks for the heads up Joe. Nothing lost with Bitpetite but always a good idea to change Exodus password every so often.Thank again
medbow53 5 November 2017 01:14
Nigerian hustle is what I'm hearing.Thanks for the info.Love the live shows.
superconscious 5 November 2017 01:06
myether wallet is not safe stop promoting it
Mantis 5 November 2017 00:52
I use a different password for everything. Have a whole paper rolladex to prove it lol
namsein 5 November 2017 00:28
From the moment you click and trust the code on the other end it already could be over
Terry Storey
Terry Storey 5 November 2017 00:27
I'm sure they will try it, in for a dime, in for a dollar. Thanks for the heads up!
Brian Fussey
Brian Fussey 5 November 2017 00:21
A person can put 2FA on their gmail account using an authentication app that you download to your computer.
Oronia Blockchain
Oronia Blockchain 5 November 2017 00:07
I know a great Crypto attorney, He takes Bitcoin
TheAldawg77 5 November 2017 00:06
You would have to be a special kind of stupid to use your same password as you use for your email account
Oronia Blockchain
Oronia Blockchain 5 November 2017 00:05
You just been added to the SEC radar for Promotion of a BIG SCAM, TAX enforcement FEDS are going to AUDIT you soon
Anthony Penciu
Anthony Penciu 5 November 2017 00:05
you are doing the right thing warning people about these scams. thank you
Andy 5 November 2017 00:02
Thanks .$$$
Michael D
Michael D 5 November 2017 00:00
Somebody's deleting a lot of videos on their channel lately... hrm.
Doc8Aux Poker
Doc8Aux Poker 4 November 2017 23:53
Jsnip didn’t you have some Pillar news to report?
Wake UP
Wake UP 4 November 2017 23:42
Thanks for the heads up
Paul Maritz
Paul Maritz 4 November 2017 23:36
Two words: Trezor and RoboForm.
Jeff Gillard
Jeff Gillard 4 November 2017 23:34
Joe is bitconnect a scam?
Steve Schilling
Steve Schilling 4 November 2017 23:30
Learned your lesson yet or still trying to absolve yourself by doing 'Community Service' ?
Dominic 4 November 2017 23:26
id really go for a ledger or trezor for the cryptos and a passwod manager for the passwords
Kripto TJ
Kripto TJ 4 November 2017 23:25
El snipo you have change....
Adam Anderson
Adam Anderson 4 November 2017 23:24
Thanks Joe you're the man