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Crypto Fish
Crypto Fish 24 July 2018 23:53
Download Honey Miner Here -- > and tell me what you think.
Денис Пестов
Денис Пестов 4 January 2019 22:13
Зачем морочиться, если есть Найс и ManageRigs? Или этот доллар в месяц стоит ежедневных бдений за компом?
David Hahn
David Hahn 8 November 2018 21:47
Thanks for the videos Crypto Fish, I found them extremely useful and informative! I have quite a bit of otherwise useless hardware that I've been able to put to work with your information. Having tried several different mining programs, I opted to go with Honeyminer. It is one heck of a lot easier to set up than many other programs, and doesn't cause any anti-virus problems. It is great for a mining novice with extra hardware lying around. Whether or not one makes a profit really depends on a SLEW of variables, but you'll want at least 2 GPUs to keep the fees down (only 2.5% with 2 or more GPUs vs. 8% for one GPU). My only gripe at this point is how long it takes to withdraw funds. As a quick test, I attempted to withdraw a tiny amount to my wallet, and after 48 hours contacted the support team since I did not see anything. In their favor, they responded quickly, stating I should allow at least 72 hours.I'm now past the 72 hour mark and have yet to receive the funds. I've heard it can take up to four days, so I'll give them another day or so, and then check. Personally, that is the only issue that concerns me at this point. The application itself is not intrusive, and quite simple to use. Assuming I actually am able to withdraw funds to my wallet, I'll likely stay with it. I certainly won't get rich off it, but I believe it definitely has potential!
Bandu Six
Bandu Six 19 October 2018 11:32
Sir, have yout test the HashFish MIner? Is it legit?
Mad Dog 88
Mad Dog 88 22 September 2018 10:59
Nicehash is good if you don't want to spend time searching for a profitable algorithm. Nicehash actually doesn't mine bitcoin at all. They mine altcoin using the algorithm that is the most profitable for your hardware and pay you that coin value in Bitcoin. You would make more if you mine that algorithm and coin directly. You should check Minergate out
the404man Productions Presents theDRIFTman
the404man Productions Presents theDRIFTman 8 September 2018 16:38
I just had a dream btc went to 1m and i watched it real time happen.. it was the craziest dream ever.. btc was a dragon
mirsad hoxha
mirsad hoxha 27 August 2018 11:46
do anyone know how much is the withdrawal fee on honeyminer? Nicehash withdrawal on coinbase is free what about honeyminer?
TheRaven1352 25 August 2018 00:06
nice video i've been trying honeyminer for about 20 days now i think i'm up to .78 cents or somthing like that not getting rich but it's free money and who doesn't like free money................1D3WsnPxh1PCHokTk61BQvTRC5wkZRKEMX bit coin adress
junaid iqbal
junaid iqbal 9 August 2018 18:16
how to add coins in honey miner i want mine only monero on my gpu but its mining just vertcoin so please help help help
Ceng Kahyaoğlu
Ceng Kahyaoğlu 8 August 2018 08:46
Thx for the video
PetraKirsten 5 August 2018 23:11
I tried to install Honeyminer but I keep getting an error message. How can I correct this issue?
Harley Me
Harley Me 2 August 2018 23:41
honeyminer doesn't recognize my gtx 750 (not ti) can only mine with cpu.. extremely slow.. better off playing golden farm for rubles...
Colin 2 August 2018 04:51
That one hell of an laptop
Jimmy Boutwell
Jimmy Boutwell 1 August 2018 03:45
How long does it take the gpu to say what it earns
Sijgje klots
Sijgje klots 29 July 2018 13:14
Hi Crypto fish, thanks a lot for uploading. I Go for honeyminer. Lets give IT a try. Gr. Rotterdam, the Netherlands
djpaulywood 29 July 2018 12:49
Where can I turn on my amd gpu - it's in red
jahalien 27 July 2018 04:59
how long does it take for honeyminer to load up your mining and GPU and CPU ?
Bebe7512 25 July 2018 18:43
I get an error: 504 Gateway Time-out.
James Winsoar
James Winsoar 25 July 2018 18:34
Probably low because you are videoing at the same time
Shakeel Rahman
Shakeel Rahman 25 July 2018 15:50
awesome info
hayat ullah
hayat ullah 25 July 2018 09:50
504 get way time out
docputer 25 July 2018 05:13
Honeyminer does nothing on my craptop. It has a Radeon GPU, but it won't engage with honey miner. If I launch nicehash, it just shuts the laptop off.
Peter Heavey
Peter Heavey 25 July 2018 03:58
Good video. Just joined honeyminer.
Kishin Oshikawa
Kishin Oshikawa 25 July 2018 00:47
Thought I was only one still mining on laptop 😀😀 Great video
Jeff S
Jeff S 25 July 2018 00:44
I just started Honeyminer this morning
Crypto Saddy
Crypto Saddy 25 July 2018 00:33
nice one sir,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,